15.5" Cast Iron Grate - One Piece

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" - cast iron grate weighing about 7.5lbs - preseasoned with soy oil - actual diameter 15.35 inch - fits the Outdoorchef City Grill - one piece"
"An amazing cooking surface for People that expect the most from their grills. Craycort Cast Iron Grates come pre seasoned, wipe'em clean, fire up and start grilling.
The perfect match for Webers smallest. Grill the perfect steak - few grills have the coals so close to the grate. This grate offers excellent heat distribution for a great steakhouse branding.
The grate weighs about 5,5lbs.
Cast Iron lasts a lifetime if cared for properly.
Fits the Weber Smokey Joe Gold and Silver, Bodum Fyrkat and small Big Green Eggs."
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